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1 year warranty

Easily mount your Dell Dock-WD15 or Dell Thunderbolt Dock-TB15
Thunderbolt Dock-TB15 behind most Dell UltraSharp or P-Series monitors 
or to a wall, desk, or any flat surface with the Dell Docking Station Mounting Kit.

1 year warranty

Mount your Micro or Thin Client between a monitor and an arm using the Dual VESA Mount.

The mount also comes with an enclosure to house power adapter.

Mount your Micro or Thin Client and its power adapter to a wall for greater port accessibility.
The PSU adapter sleeve will support multiple usages (Wall mount/E-series mount/Micro AIO stand).
Great for wall-mounting in meeting rooms or for community messaging.
Compatible with Pro 2 OptiPlex Micro & Precision CFF

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