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Easily mount your Dell Dock-WD15 or Dell Thunderbolt Dock-TB15
Thunderbolt Dock-TB15 behind most Dell UltraSharp or P-Series monitors 
or to a wall, desk, or any flat surface with the Dell Docking Station Mounting Kit.

1 year warranty
36m warranty
1 year warranty

Mount your Micro or Thin Client and its power adapter to a wall for greater port accessibility.
The PSU adapter sleeve will support multiple usages (Wall mount/E-series mount/Micro AIO stand).
Great for wall-mounting in meeting rooms or for community messaging.
Compatible with Pro 2 OptiPlex Micro & Precision CFF

Take up to 2.5Gbps transfer speed anywhere with the compact USB-C to Ethernet adapter

1 year warranty
36m warranty

Dell part 770-BCYU

Conveniently view content from your laptop with USB-C video output on

an HDMI-compliant display

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