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Dell /

Slim N17 2.0 Keyed Laptop Lock for Wedge-Shaped Slots is perfect for ultra-thin and
2-in-1 laptops since it won’t block valuable ports and allows the laptop to lie flat and stable

Noble TZ Wedge lock in a compact configuration and patented Wedge design that is  
compatible with systems using the Noble Lock Slot. Includes 2 keys, peripheral trap
attachment and carrying pouch. Each lock is individually keyed.

Designed For
U2421E, P2721Q, P3221D, P3421W, U2722D, U2722DE, U2422H, U2422HE, P2222H, P2422H,

P2422HE, P2722H, P2722HE

36m warranty
1 year warranty
1 year warranty

1000dpi, USB, Fingerprint Reader, black

1 year warranty
36m warranty
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